How To Really Make Money With Content Marketing

In order for your company to succeed in today’s online environment, a strong online presence is a must. Paid ads on AdWords and social networks can yield instant results, but for long-term sustainability, there is nothing wrong with content marketing. And it all starts with what I call the “home base”—the blog of your website.

Blogging acts as the basis for all other digital outlets; it offers material for social media, newsletters and other websites to be delegated and connected to. The most popular companies—from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enterprises—think like publishers when producing material. They store all of their product and service information on the main sales pages of their websites. Some even create sub-domains devoted solely to blogging.

As Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi reveals in his book, Epic Content Marketing, a company must see content marketing as an asset—not just another cost. Blogging is the cornerstone of the asset. Here’s how to get it to work:

1. Rely on the needs of the reader, not your service or product.

So many business blogs address services and goods that turn readers off instantly. Save the language for your key service sites. Focus instead on bringing value to the reader through education and/or entertainment.

The best way to do that? Tell your questions and fix your problems. When starting a blog, I set Google Alerts for specific keywords to remind my topics and to visit the forums where my target customer/client hangs. This feeds me with information about the issues and concerns people have. Two main sites to check out are Reddit and Quora—you’ll find questions and concerns relevant to just about every sector.

2. Optimize the search.

After narrowing down on the topic, turn your attention to the keyword research—a must if you want to achieve optimal search results. There are some keyword research tools out there; I’m a SEMrush fan because of its ease of use and proven results with my clients.