How Taskade is making team productivity easier

I’m so accomplished with utilizing Google drive for everything. I once used Keep for making my task lists but I was just so bored to take care of my every day task list in that tool. No offence to Google !

I keep looking for instruments that help me improve my productivity on a regular basis, ya it certainly depends upon the way you’re feeling concerning the instruments you are using. Even when the tool provides you everything perfectly but if you are not able to be comfortable with it, you must simply switch to something else.

In case you too feel like me, you need to explore this superb instrument that I am going to talk about.

Colorful and cheerful

The tool is simple to make use of and has beautiful UI that keeps you engaged all through the application. Such factor is really vital if you’ll use it entire day and everyday. It’ll make your work look less burden and you will like to play with it and make the most of it to the fullest. It is among the most vital factors of making any device addictive.

More control

Your tasks are organized into lists, folders and workspaces. You’ll be able to have multiple workspaces while you’ll be able to management what exists and who can access the workspace. For every workarea you don’t have to create a number of accounts like what occurs in Slack.

Effective collaboration

Individuals who be part of your workarea can comment on the task lists, chat with you parallely and may have a video conferencing as well. Making notes throughout call is made simpler and everything stays within the workspace maintained and tracked.

Track progress

Tracking progress is really essential for tasks right? Creating task however unable to see a collective progress leads to laziness. If you’re able to see how you are doing with the pending things you can be able to keep track of your time.

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Taskade Review

The key sauce to a productive day is crushing your to-do list and perfectly managing your Crew as well. But it’s not that easy to manage your & the team’s tasks while keeping everything on a schedule. Taskade could assist; it makes your bullet lists and random ideas more collaborative with quick sharing and built-in chat features. Check out our evaluation on this all-in-one collaborative tool.

The developers take their claims of an “All-in-one Collaboration Tool” quite seriously. And packs ample options that enable you to map out your workcirculation, from concepts to action. Whether or not managing team projects or planning future milestones, Taskade might be of great help.

It offers users a simple way to create checklists, draw crew outlines, and handle numerous tasks. The power of this productive staff management app is its neat, simple-to-use interface and the tons of options it boasts:

Universal Compatibility: No matter what machine, operating system, or browser you use, Taskade has an app for that. It supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows & Linux platforms. Plus, you may avail extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

More than a Task List: Not just a to-do list, Taskade has templates for anything and everything, from notes, outlines, mindmaps to a day by day journal. Further, you may simply create subtasks, make nested outlines, and set up everything to the T.

Group Management tools: Add staff members to your workarea, share the tasks immediately, tag and prioritize, chat with them in real-time or set up a video conference.

Real-time Sync: Even when you are on the run, you might be on high of all things important. Taskade keeps your smartphone, tablet, and computer synced always.

How Can Taskade App Help You Be More Productive

All of us have tons of responsibilities in each our personal & professional life. Making lists, assigning tasks, monitoring the task’s progress, etc. helps us set up everything and get things achieved on time.

Whether, a person or a staff, at dwelling, or on the office, this software might be your greatest asset. As it’s easy, straightforward, and intuitive interface makes organizing tasks a breeze.

Creating Workarea and Projects

On this planet of Taskade, you get workspaces. Imagine them as folders under which you segregate your tasks, notes, and varied projects. As an illustration, the grocery list goes under the house/personal workhouse, and assembly with clients goes under office tasks.

What’s great is that building a workhouse, creating new projects and tasks just take a couple of taps/clicks.

Launch the Taskade app and faucet on “+” earlier than the New Workspace.

Give it the Name and Color of your choice and tap Next

Now, choose Invite Folks to get your teammates onboard.

Enter the e-mail ID and faucet on Invite.

As and when the members accept the invitation, they’ll be added as your Workspace members.

Collaborate Like a Boss

Taskade workhouse provides effortless, real-time collaborative tools. Invite group members to a project by merely tapping on invite icon and adding their e mail address.

And to assign a particular task, faucet on the task, choose the “assign icon” and chose the assignee. It’s just that simple! Crew members will even receive push notifications for any updates inside.

Further, you may tag somebody, mark priorities, set due date and time, connect files, and even change the fashion of bulleting or checklist box.

Communicate Like a Boss

Communication is an essential aspect of team management, whether your crew is sitting next to you or far away. Alongside with unlimited workspace and groups, Taskade additionally offers a number of conversational options.

For starters, if you want to add a remark or suggestion to a task, tap on task, choose the dialogue box, invite individuals, and type away.

While you’re moved to a different window within the iOS app, if you are using a browser, the chatbox or call seems on the same page as the task for more convenience.

Ease and Fantastic thing about the Utilization

The base interface of Taskade is a list-based system. Which looks good, feels nice, and works quite smoothly. And since you possibly can indent tasks, creating subtasks or sub-sub tasks is quite fun.

While different management tools go for a sophisticated, plain-jane look, Taskade adopts a fun and colourful avatar. And not just fun-looking, this interface is fairly simple to understand even for a non-tech savvy user.

Additional, to make things more simple, the app sports constructed-in templates. From weekly planner, day by day task list, meeting agenda, bullet journal to brainstorming, selected them, or design your own systems and workflows.

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